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Jill Gulotta Nutrition

Intuitive & Sustainable Nutrition Counseling – Helping you end your unhealthy relationship with food for good.

Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin
With Nutrition Counseling

What if we told you that starting a new diet or obsessing over your weight isn’t how to achieve a body you love? We’re here to help you feel comfortable in your own skin and break free from the negative self-talk and shame that’s keeping you stuck. 

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Non-diet nutrition therapy client looks out the window.

Non-Diet Nutrition Therapy for a
Happier, Healthier You 

It’s easy to buy into the belief that you need to change your body to feel good about yourself…

. . . or to be convinced that your self-worth and outer appearance are one and the same.
We’re here to change that belief for good. 

You are enough. You are valuable. You are worthy. You are strong.

Our nutrition therapy treatment is not a diet. In fact our approach is designed to have you never be on another diet again. Our goal is to uncover the deeper rooted issues that keep you stuck in these unhealthy patterns. We work to help you create a life where you are living it to the fullest as your most confident self, in a body you love, and free from the all-consuming obsessive thoughts that are a result of dieting.

What a Healthy Relationship With Food Looks Like

We want you to feel amazing in your body and at peace in your mind. Our nutrition counseling looks at the full picture, analyzing how food behaviors affect your emotional health and vice versa.

We specialize in addressing a variety of food-related mental health issues.

  • Eating Disorders
  • Disordered Eating
  • Emotional Eating
  • Body Image Issues
  • Negative Self-Talk
  • Food Obsessions
  • Binge Eating

Our Professional Nutrition Counselors in New York

Our nutrition counselors are all Registered Dietitian Nutritionists with a passion for helping women learn to love every inch of their bodies and eat without regrets. You can meet with us in-person at our office in White Plains, New York or connect with us for online nutrition therapy. 

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Ready To Stop Obsessing About Food? 

Constantly thinking about your calorie intake, your weight, and your body is draining. It’s time to discover the peace that comes with feeling confident in your body and at ease with your emotions and relationship with food. Our nutrition counselors are ready to hear your story and discuss your goals. Together, we can help you calm the storm inside your mind and achieve a healthier, more fulfilling life.